We are the Medieval Association Pagus Viriditas from Pagus Viriditas. The medieval association is established in March 2006 and has her residence in Hengelo, the Netherlands. It’s all about experience at the medieval association!

Pagus Viriditas furthers that people who are interested in medieval history and whose hobby it is out of experience, to study, to reconstruct, to perform and to demonstrate former daily life educational in full glory, are brought together and all that compares with this will be promoted. Besides of that, Pagus Viriditas will further that cultural-historical events will be organized and that living history in streets, at museums, schools etc. will be shown. Over and above this, multicultural diversity will be as central as possible. Everyone may be proud on the history of his/her own culture.


Welcome to the Pagus Viriditas website

Possunt, quia posse videntur.”

“ They can, because they are convinced that they can.“

Welcome to the Pagus Viriditas website